Sunday, February 6, 2011

Why a Buddhist Movies blog?

I read an article about the movie 'Tron: Legacy' being a Taoist and Zen Buddhist movie. An interview with Jeff Bridges confirmed the zen influence. Later I read about Groundhog Day being a Buddhist movie.

While searching the web just now for more Buddhist movies, I found a lot of sites where a few movies where mentioned in articles or discussed in the comments, but I could not find a site dedicated to this theme with a 'complete' list. Since I am both a movie-buff and a 'zen-man', I thought it was time to devote a blog to movies influenced by, dealing with, or containing a Buddhist/Zen message! For a lot of films it's not hard to see that it is a film about Buddhism (Samsara, Seven Years in Tibet), but did you know there is a connection between Zen Buddhism and Fight Club?

I hope this blog will serve as a guide to finding these films so you can enjoy them. I will include both Eastern and Western movies. So look out for regular updates, since it will take quite some time to include all Buddhist movies! ;-)

Your Zen Movie Buff

PS. Feel free to share your movie suggestions in the comments.